LPR Cameras

Very often we encounter questions about reading vehicle license plate numbers; Customers ask if an ordinary camera with good resolution is enough, or if more specialized equipment is needed.


The answer is not easy. On the one hand - a properly mounted camera with good resolution is enough; on the other hand - you will need a camera from a specialized series.

To see...

When maintaining the right angle, distance and appropriate lighting conditions - ordinary CCTV cameras will be able to record the image in such a way that it will be possible to read the plate numbers. Due to the fact that ordinary surveillance cameras are not designed for this type of tasks - the user is faced with a tedious process of reviewing recordings in search of a video frame on which the board will be clearly visible and taking a photo, or downloading this type of recording. In addition, in night conditions, even with the use of lamps illuminating with visible light, the chances of registering something more than a white spot at the registration site are quite slim, and with IR lighting, practically zero.

Here, a camera specially designed for this, and only for this purpose, comes to our aid - a camera from the LPR series.

Seeing is not everything

LPR series cameras are not intended for general image recording, we should not use them as a camera watching the backyard of our house. These are cameras designed to record vehicle license plate numbers.

The LPR series cameras are equipped with a number of mechanisms that enable their implementation in the environments of smart homes, alarm systems and specialized monitoring systems. Most of the new models of LPR cameras are already equipped with a MicroSD card slot, which is why cameras of this type can operate independently.

Dzięki kamerom z serii LPR proces rejestracji numerów tablic oraz odbywa się automatycznie, nie trzeba tu godzinami przeszukiwać archiwum nagrań bo cała lista zarejestrowanych tablic dostępna jest po kilku kliknięciach myszą.

How it's working ?

LPR cameras should be mounted in accordance with the art - the device must be mounted at the appropriate height while maintaining the recommended viewing angle. Information on the installation of LPR cameras can be found in the instructions attached to each device, they must be strictly followed.

LPR cameras are equipped with a specially optimized intelligent algorithm that is able to read the characters of the plates (even partial ones), just like we read the text on the screen. For this purpose, this type of camera is equipped with a specially selected lens and filters that enable reading plates even in night conditions, when the camera uses IR backlight.

When the camera reads the vehicle's license plate number, it is immediately saved in the monitoring system database and the camera's algorithms check whether the registration number is on the White or Black List, after which the action assigned to the given type of detection is taken.

Here, the user has the option of configuring the triggering of an alarm (or e.g. a connected barrier), notification in the monitoring center, starting recording recordings, etc.

We can also export the list of registered plate numbers at any time. We can export both the file in the form of a table.xls (Excel format) or in the form of photos (.jpg).

We invite you to watch a video of the operation of this type of cameras on our YouTube channel: