Camera power supply

Are you planning to buy a CCTV system and wondering how to power it?

Nowadays, there are several ways to power monitoring systems. Installations on UTP cables are the most popular, so the following explanation will mainly apply to such situations.

One of the possibilities is traditional power supply, i.e. supplying the device with 12 V voltage and appropriate amperage to the device using power supplies. If we decide to power our system in a traditional way, the signal cable and the power cable should be connected separately to our camera.

In IP systems

The second way of power supply is the use of the PoE system in which both the signal and the power supply are fed to the device via one cable, and the voltage is 48V. In the case of this solution, it is necessary to use a POE switch or a recorder with a built-in switch.


Please note that devices that do not have information about the possibility of power supply via the PoE system may be permanently damaged when a higher voltage is applied.

If our IP cameras cannot be powered via POE and we want to have less cables tangled around us, we can use POE splitters, which we mount (as in the previous case) at the camera and at the recorder.