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  1. IP Monitoring Kit 5 MP 4 cameras A5 WiFi Tube

    As low as €382.65

  2. IP Monitoring Kit 5 MP 4 cameras A5 WiFi Tube

    As low as €382.65

  3. IP Monitoring Kit 4 MP 4 P4 Rotary cameras

    As low as €331.60

  4. IP Monitoring Kit 5 MP 4 P5 Light Rotary cameras

    As low as €399.66

  5. IP Monitoring Kit 5 MP 4 P5 Rotary cameras

    As low as €467.73

  6. IP Monitoring Kit 5 MP 4 cameras P5 Rotary Black

    As low as €471.99

  7. IP Monitoring Set 5 MP 8 cameras A5 WiFi Tube

    As low as €610.24

  8. IP Monitoring Set 5 MP 8 cameras A5 WiFi Tube

    As low as €610.24

  9. IP Monitoring Set 5 MP 4 cameras 3xA5 1xP5

    As low as €403.92

  10. IP Monitoring Set 5 MP 4 cameras 3xA5 1xP5

    As low as €403.92

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IP WI-FI kits allow you to create a monitoring system using a wireless network. There is no need to run a LAN cable to each camera, just supply them with power. In addition, they are all connected to a common recorder. This is the perfect solution when cable routing would be problematic. In addition, additional cameras can be easily added to the set.

Advantages of IP WI-FI kits

The internet infrastructure is now very developed. Wireless networks are used both in residential premises, as well as in offices, workplaces and service premises. For this reason, a monitoring system using Wi-Fi can be easily installed in virtually any place. The devices are designed in such a way that you can easily find those that match the interior, as well as those that will work well outdoors.

IP WI-FI kits have cameras that connect to the recorder, thanks to which the image is saved on a disk with an appropriate capacity. Connecting via Wi-Fi has the advantage that you do not have to take into account the need for wiring, which can be problematic. This is a practical solution, especially when another camera is attached to the set to enlarge the monitored area.

What's in the IP WI-FI kit?

The set includes all the elements necessary to install and run full monitoring. These are cameras, recorder, recording disk and information plate. As can be seen, there is no need to connect the data transmission cable. This does not mean, however, that the installation of cameras is only about placing them on the wall. Like any equipment of this type, they must be powered by electricity. So you have to connect them to the network.

Ease of installation of IP WI-Fi kits

Due to the ease of use and the possibility of limiting the work during installation, WI-FI IP cameras are often installed inside rooms where the owners want to limit the amount of installation work as much as possible. The signal from the cameras is transmitted via WI-FI, so all you need to do is connect them to the electricity network.

There are several advantages here. There is no need to hammer the walls, and thus - dirty the surroundings and expose yourself to the costs associated with finishing the work. Another advantage is the pace of work. The entire process can be carried out in one day, and finally cameras can be connected so that everything is ready for use. This is important not only in homes where the interior may already be finished. It also works well in companies where there is no need to disorganize work in the office or company premises. There is also not much unnecessary confusion around setting up cameras.

Are WI-FI cameras a good idea?

We can answer right away - of course we are. We live in a time when WI-FI at home or in the office is something obvious and is used not only for surfing the Internet. The operation of many electronic devices is based on this type of data transmission. The same is with IP WI-FI monitoring, which uses a wireless network to transmit the image to the recorder.

The advantage of this solution is also the freedom and ease of enlarging it with additional cameras. The sets we have at Zintronic.pl include various types of models. As part of one set, we combine classic lenses and those movable, which allows for the most accurate monitoring of the environment. Depending on the capabilities of the devices included in the set, additional cameras can be added, thanks to which you have the freedom to enlarge the monitored area. This is used in many places - both at home, when we want to connect to a network monitoring another room or area around buildings, as well as in the workplace. This is a task that even a layman can handle. It is only important to reach for a camera that will be compatible with other devices.