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  1. Camera IP B5 Ultimate POE ZINTRONIC 5MP
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  2. IP Camera B5 Dark PoE ZINTRONIC (2.7-13.5mm) 5MP
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IP cameras

These are otherwise commonly known as network cameras. They are currently the basic element of the network of monitoring kits. In the past, analog cameras used in closed-circuit television were the standard. The difference is in the form of the record. In IP cameras, the image is immediately available for viewing on the network and available thanks to connection to the Internet. Modern solutions allow, among others on observing the image using an application on a phone, tablet or computer.

IP cameras - functionalities

Depending on your needs, you can mount a single camera or a whole set, thanks to which a larger area is under the watchful eye of the lenses. At zintronic.pl, we offer models with various technical parameters: POE, wireless, PTZ. POE IP cameras are connected to the monitoring network with a cable. WI-FI IP cameras transmit the image using the current WI-FI network. This allows you to freely connect other cameras to the network. Rotary cameras are a perfect solution for large, open spaces, not only outside but also inside, e.g. squares, warehouses or parking lots

What parameters should you pay attention to when choosing a camera?

Here are the highlights:

  • a motion sensor,
  • way of connecting to the network (POE or WI-FI),
  • viewing angle,
  • tightness (important for cameras mounted outside),
  • built-in microphone,
  • recording in the dark (infrared).

The most important advantages of IP cameras

Modern cameras allow a very precise preview of what is happening in the area that is in the eye of the lens. Often the very information about monitoring and cameras placed on buildings scare away a potential thief or intruder. That is why they are successfully used in private homes, institutions and workplaces. We can also find them in parking lots and private outbuildings. Thanks to the image from the camera, you can also keep an eye on children, people who are looked after, and even animals that are often left alone at home or in the yard. Live image from the camera will also be visible on a mobile device.

Parameters of IP cameras

When choosing an IP camera for monitoring, you need to pay attention to its basic functionalities and additional ones that improve the image quality or streamline work. Therefore, it is worth discussing each of them so that you can decide which are necessary and which are not so important in a given situation.

Motion sensor. Only after turning it on, the camera will start to record the image. This is of course the case where there is no constant flow of people or vehicles, as there is no need for a motion sensor. However, if the camera is to collect, for example, the image from the yard or inside the house when its inhabitants are outside of it, it makes sense to film only in moments when a moving object appears in the camera's eye. This solution allows, among others save disk space, because only the image on which something is happening is saved.

Way of connecting to the network(POE or WI-FI). At zintronic.pl, we have cameras in which the signal is transmitted via a network cable, and those that use the WI-FI connection. Both have their own merits. It is worth remembering that POE cameras use a new technology and have one cable that is used for both data and power. In turn, in WI-FI cameras there is no need to use a network cable, because they connect to the recorder using the wireless internet network.

Viewing angle. The larger it is, the larger the area is in the camera's eye. However, it should be remembered that the details in the image from such a camera will be less visible. Besides, the closer to the edges of the image, the greater the deformation will appear. Therefore, you should consider both the advantages and disadvantages of cameras with smaller and wider viewing angles.

Tightness. It matters when the camera is installed outdoors. It may concern not only water, but also dust when it is located on difficult terrain. This is a feature that is of little importance in internal monitoring.

Built-in microphone and speaker. With the former, please note that such functions may not be recognized by law. Much depends on the location of the camera and its purpose. For example, if the visitor is at home to observe the nanny's work, only video, no sound, is considered a safety measure. Why is there a loudspeaker next to the camera? Well, many people decide to install monitoring, but do not use the help of security companies. After detecting suspicious activities and suspecting them from a distance, you can use a sound or a message to notify the intruder that you know about their presence. There is a chance that it will scare him, and the owner will have time to notify the relevant services.

. Recording in the darkThis is an infrared function. It allows you to record images even in complete darkness, which the human eye would not be able to cope with. It is used both in private areas and in companies and industrial facilities.