Full-color Cameras

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Full-Color Cameras - Monitoring in color around the clock

The cameras from the Full Color series will delight even the most demanding user. They are able to capture intense colors in recordings, even in the dark, which allows for effective monitoring 24/7. Full Color cameras in our offer are devices that combine exceptional workmanship and modern components that guarantee perfect operation of the equipment.

Intelligent functions

Full Color cameras also work with innovative AI features. Modern parameters allow you to see details in very low light, thanks to which the image is much brighter than in standard cameras. The functionality of the camera makes monitoring possible both during the day and at night, without any loss of image quality. A sufficiently brighter image allows you to capture details that standard cameras are unable to capture. Some of the Full Color cameras have also been equipped with active audio-visual deterrence, which means that the camera warns against entering our area with flashing red and blue lights and a siren sound. Innovative and advanced technologies in which the devices are equipped guarantee the highest quality of their work. Which makes them suitable not only for home monitoring, but also for more specialized issues, such as helping the police to identify the perpetrator.

Where will modern Full Color cameras work?

Modern Full Color cameras are perfect for almost any place where you only need to increase the level of security, and the poor lighting does not allow you to see details. They effectively capture the colors of the surroundings, be it people, vehicles or details of places. They are the perfect choice for dark streets, parks or houses where we have problems with good lighting. The Full Color camera, thanks to a low aperture and the presence of warm LED light, shows us details that we will not see in the case of standard cameras. Modern equipment can also be easily connected with a computer, tablet or phone, thus gaining constant access to the image from the cameras. By pairing the camera with a smartphone, we can keep track of what is happening on our property, even during our stay at work and a holiday trip. Among the available models, you can find cameras that differ in terms of individual technical parameters, as well as appearance and dimensions. Thanks to this, everyone can easily find and choose the right equipment tailored to their needs and expectations.