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PTZ cameras are ideally suited for monitoring large spaces. They work well both where the area is open and in large closed rooms. They are often found in industrial areas, in production halls, parking lots, underground garages or streets. How does a rotating camera work? Thanks to the stepper motors installed in the housing, we can rotate the head in a horizontal and vertical position. Thanks to this, the device allows you to record images also from places that would not be possible to capture with a standard camera lens. In the observation of extensive objects, the variable focal length function allows you to zoom in on the image, which gives you the ability to precisely monitor and record more distant figures. For this reason, they are used in city monitoring to secure various types of events.

To make the rotary camera as functional as possible, it is equipped with IR diodes that illuminate the image at night. The use of a variable focal length results in a very high magnification, which allows you to observe fine details and record extremely precise images. Thanks to various modes and functionalities, it is recorded in the highest possible quality. These include night vision (infrared), noise reduction, backlight compensation and more.


The most common and most commonly used devices are the PTZ type, which is an English abbreviation for "pan-tilt-zoom". Manufacturers, in order to reduce costs, do not always use mechanical zoom and offer PZ cameras. without the function of zooming in and out of the image using optics. Instead, we can use digital zoom.

Due to the purpose of the camera, we divide it into external and internal. Those that are used outdoors must, of course, be resistant to various weather conditions. We are talking about rain, as well as high and low temperatures. In difficult conditions, high sealing parameters may also be necessary due to dust in the air and other similar contaminants.

The next significant parameter is resolution. Higher resolution allows you to record smaller details in the image and makes the image clearer, which in turn may decide whether, for example, the police will use the recordings as evidence in a case.

The use of high-quality stepper motors, PTZ modules and processors will determine how fast the camera will rotate and whether it will be classified as high-speed or not.


Home monitoring 

Many people choose to use PTZ devices in home monitoring. Having a monitoring preview on a tablet, phone or laptop, you can see what is happening in or around the house at any time. This allows not only to detect threats, but also, for example, to control what happens with an animal left at home or with children who have returned from school. A rotating camera gives the possibility of a thorough examination of the area without the need to install an extensive system of cameras that point in different directions. They are therefore perfectly suited for basic use.


Devices with a swivel function can complete the monitoring set, which already includes regular cameras. Thanks to this, the area will be under the best and precise observation. Our equipment is installed where a wide field of view is required, e.g. in the square in front of the building or in an industrial hall. They are most effective when they are constantly monitored by the operator. If they are set to automatic operation, they can skip the most sensitive place when they collect an image from a different direction.

If the camera is manually controlled, you can use it to look at situations that seem potentially dangerous or save the most important image at the moment. The operator can move the camera not only in the horizontal and vertical axis, but also zoom in and out (if the camera has a zoom function).

If a surveillance kit is installed, the remaining area is still under the surveillance of another lens when the dome camera is pointing in a certain direction. In this way, blank areas from which the image would not be recorded are eliminated.


Due to the many possibilities in terms of observing the environment, they are commonly used in video surveillance systems in urban space, shopping centers and at mass events. They allow you to observe a large area and a crowd of people, as well as to precisely capture events that are visible only after zooming in on the image. Thanks to the recording of the recording and contact with the relevant services, it allows for a quick response in the event of a threat - both from people and phenomena, e.g. fire.

In some models, thanks to the built-in algorithm, the device recognizes the silhouettes of people and then follows the detected person within the monitored area, which makes the cameras more and more popular.