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Solar sets - wireless and environmentally friendly

The solar kits available in our assortment are high-quality monitoring equipment that increases the level of security in places where we have problems with access to the Internet. The set is distinguished by high quality of workmanship, which makes it reliable and safe. Solar sets do not require additional connection to the power supply, the solar panel charges the battery. Solar panels are environmentally friendly, a great way to live according to the zero waste philosophy.

Modern design and durability

Solar cameras are devices that combine exceptional workmanship and high-quality components, guaranteeing the flawless operation of the equipment. The solid housing is made of high-quality metal and plastic, which effectively protects the internal components from damage. The strong and extremely resistant housing allows the camera to be mounted and used both inside and outside.

Solar panel

The solar panel charges the battery with solar energy, and the controller included in the set ensures stable power supply to the battery and prevents excessive discharge of the battery. This entire system does not require the use of additional power. Such a set solves the problem in places where there is no permanent Internet connection.

Observation around the clock

With our GSM cameras you will feel safe, modern devices allow you to monitor the surroundings of your home, company, production or store interior. The presence of infrared in GSM cameras means that we can also conduct observations at night.

Where will solar sets work?

Excellent quality solar sets are perfect for almost any place where there is no access to a permanent internet connection, and where monitoring is needed. They are an ideal choice for a plot, construction site or summer house, where they will effectively protect the property against unwanted visits and possible theft. They will also work well in buildings and company rooms, both in offices, as well as in warehouses and fields.

Why is it worth choosing our solar kits?

All solar sets available in our store go hand in hand with high quality and nice design. The innovative system works in places where classic cameras do not work. In addition, their installation will not be a problem for a person who has no experience in connecting monitoring equipment. Solar sets can be easily connected with a computer or telephone, thus gaining constant access to the image from the cameras. By pairing the GSM camera with a smartphone, we can keep track of what is happening on our property, even during work and departure. Among our sets, everyone will find a set that will suit the appearance as well as technical needs, and will also be within our financial framework.