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  1. NVR ZINTRONIC IP Network Recorder 9 channels 4 POE ports
  2. 8MP ZINTRONIC NVR IP NVR 16 channels 8 POE ports
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POE IP recorders

IP recorders with a built-in POE switch work with cameras that are connected to the monitoring system via a network cable. Thanks to this device, it is possible not only to preview the image from the camera, but also to record it. Therefore, if there is such a need, there is a chance to return to it and look again at what was recorded on the recording.

IP POE recorders - parameters

When buying a device of this type, it should be adapted to other elements of the monitoring system and one that will suit individual needs. A recorder that has a built-in POE switch will not need to be additionally equipped with it. In this way, we can easily connect POE IP cameras to it.

Data storage compression is also important. Thanks to it, much more of the image recorded by the cameras will be saved on the hard disk. H.264 and H.265 video compression is mainly used. Besides, you should pay attention to the video output, usually HDMI and VGA.

RPOE IP recorders have outputs for a specific number of cameras. When reaching for the device, you should therefore pay attention to whether it is tailored to your individual needs. It can have an output for 4 cameras, but more advanced IP POE recorders can have an output for up to 16 cameras. This allows you to create an extensive monitoring system using IP POE cameras. It is worth paying special attention to this element, because in the future it may limit the possibilities of expanding the monitoring system. If it turns out that there are not enough camera outputs, it will be necessary to purchase a new recorder or an external POE switch. Therefore, in order not to expose yourself to additional costs, it is worth assessing how many cameras you want to use and possibly how many could be added in the future.

The resolution supported by the recorder, in turn, affects the quality of the image from the cameras. It is important that it is properly selected for the cameras. If they offer high image resolution and the number of frames per second, a recorder with poor parameters will not be able to save them in such a high quality. For this reason, we recommend that you read the hardware specifications.

At zintronic.pl, we have provided a selection of various devices with a wide price range, with an attractive price-quality ratio.

IP POE recorders - image analytics

It is obvious that the basic role of the IP POE recorder is reliable operation and recording of images from cameras. However, users expect more from the hardware they use. The image analysis functions help the monitoring operator or people who return to the recordings to see what is happening in the frames. In this way, the recorder can react to the movement that occurs in the camera's eye. Besides, it is practical to record only part of the image or only record it in high definition. These functions are designed to limit the amount of data saved without losing the quality of this material, which may be important in the future. More advanced devices have many useful functions that are able to rival the human eye. This can be, for example, counting people in the frame or recognizing faces.

POE IP recorders - reliability of everything

What are the main advantages of this type of recorders? Well, there is only one cable leading to them, which is responsible for both data transmission and powering the device. This is a significant change compared to the old system. This solution is also a guarantee of reliability, as it is not based on a wireless connection between cameras and the recorder, which may be disrupted. While it may not be a problem at home, it may be problematic in an office or other workplace. Remember that the transmission can be two-way via twisted-pair cable, e.g. if we want to transmit an audio message.