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  1. IP ZINTRONIC 9 Channel 8MP 1Sata NVR Network Recorder
  2. IR16S18MP IP recorder 16ch 8mpx 1sata
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IP recorders

Two elements are important in the monitoring system - the current view from the cameras and observation of the surroundings, as well as the recording of the image and the possibility of returning to it and viewing it. Both of these activities are provided by the registrar. It can be said that it is the heart of the video monitoring system, because without it other devices will be useless.

How does an IP recorder work?

The IP recorder is connected to the same network as the other elements of the monitoring system, i.e. primarily the cameras that collect the image. Depending on the selected option, they operate with the use of WI-FI or POE networks (i.e. using a data transmission cable). The recorder should ensure the best possible data compression.

Thanks to this, the saved image will be of high quality, ensuring detail and sharpness of the frames, and at the same time it will not take up too much disk space. 265 compression is recommended, which saves up to 90% of the disk space. This is especially important when you need to go back to previously recorded material.

Another way to reduce the filling of valuable disk space is to turn on recording in a specific situation, e.g. after recording motion in the camera field. In this way, the material on which nothing is happening is not archived, so it is useless at a later time.

Choosing an IP recorder

At zintronic.pl, we offer a variety of equipment that can be adapted to your needs. When choosing an IP recorder, pay attention to, among others on the number of cameras supported, maximum supported resolution, video output and recording modes. What will significantly affect the functionality of the equipment?

Number of channels supported. Simply put - it is information about how many cameras the recorder is able to simultaneously receive an image and save. This is especially important when we want to expand the system with more cameras. If too many of them were to appear, it may turn out that the recorder is too small and there will be a need to purchase a device that supports more channels. That is why it is worth choosing one to which we will connect a few more cameras, if necessary.

Work system. t can be a POE IP recorder or a WI-FI IP recorder. Of course, this determines which cameras will work with a given device. It is not possible to connect different cameras to a specific recorder - POE and WI-FI. Therefore, you have to decide on a specific system. If these are home conditions, zintronic.pl customers most often choose a solution using the WI-FI network, due to the easy configuration and connection of new devices.

Supported ResolutionThe recorder should support the resolution and the number of frames recorded by the selected camera. The possibilities of the sensational camera will not be used if it is connected to a recorder that is not able to "bear" the image quality.

Why is the recording of the recording so important?

Let's imagine that the image from the surveillance cameras is not recorded. The person who watches what is happening on the screen would have to be sitting in front of the monitor all the time. The human eye, however, is unreliable - the operator may miss something in one image while currently observing what is happening in another frame. In addition, it is not uncommon for the watchman to fall asleep at night or have to leave the monitor to check the area. What would have happened in front of the cameras at that time would go unnoticed by anyone. It also happens that it is only after an event that you have to go back to the recorded materials to check what happened in a specific place and, for example, preceded the event. That is why it is so important that the monitoring material is kept at least for some time.

For this reason, attention is paid to how the compression of the material is. The most optimal, i.e. H.265, significantly reduces the used disk space, and at the same time offers a high-quality image. You may not pay attention to it, but when the time comes when you need to extract human facial features or read vehicle registration numbers from the recording, it turns out to be extremely important.