Technical support and necessary tools for camera configuration




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Remote Configuration

A and P Series IP Cameras

  • Zintronic A5 WiFi
  • Zintronic P5/P5 PRO WiFi
  • Zintronic P5 Light WiFi
  • Zintronic P4/P4M
  • Other

B and D Series IP Cameras

  • Zintronic B4 WiFi
  • Zintronic D5/D5 Light
  • Zintronic B5/B8
  • Zintronic D8
  • Other

IP recorders

  • Zintronic recorders
  • Zintronic POE recorders
  • APTI recorders
  • APTI POE recorders
  • Zintronic WiFi recorders

Acesee IP Cameras

  • Zintronic AC04
  • Zintronic AC11
  • Zintronic AC72
  • Zintronic AC08 GSM
  • Nanny

HIKVISION recorders

  • Hikvision recorders
  • Hikvision POE recorders
  • Hikvision WiFi recorders


  • Hikvision cameras
  • Hikvision WiFi cameras

Danale IP cameras

  • Zintronic A5 PoE (Danale)
  • Zintronic K5 PoE (Danale)

ZINTRONIC video intercoms

  • Zintronic Video Intercom Display
  • Zintronic Gate Station