Terms of warranty


General warranty and service conditions for ZINTRONIC products sold by ZINTRONIC.

  1. On the basis of the provisions of law contained in the Civil Code, the ZINTRONIC company located in Białystok 15-085, ul. Branickiego 31A , hereinafter referred to as the Guarantor, grants the Buyer a quality guarantee for the proper operation of the purchased equipment described in detail on the receipt, invoice or warranty card.
  2. The goods are sold for business purposes. In the case of a Customer who is not a Consumer, the Seller excludes liability under the warranty for physical defects of the Goods purchased from ZINTRONIC (Article 558 § 1 of the Civil Code).
  3. This warranty applies to products purchased via the online store www.zintronic.pl, the auction site www.allegro.pl on the zintronic_pl account and by phone or in person at a stationary store, the Guarantor of which is ZINTRONIC and is valid only in the territory of the Republic of Poland.
  4. The warranty is granted only to the Purchaser and is non-transferable. The Guarantor is not obliged to remove the defect of the equipment if the warranty document is presented by a person other than the Buyer.
  5. The warranty period for individual ZINTRONIC products is 24 months and counts from the date of sale of the equipment by the Guarantor. This does not apply to products sold as Outlet. For these products, the length of the warranty is described in the sales offer or on the individual warranty card.
  6. The Guarantee Service with its registered office at ul. Branickiego 31A, 15-085 Bialystok. Goods covered by the manufacturer's warranty of brands other than ZINTRONIC are serviced by authorized service centers under the conditions specified by the manufacturer.
  7. In order to exercise the rights arising from the warranty, the Buyer should complete the Complaint Form and then deliver the equipment covered by the warranty to the Guarantor's service. If the application is accepted, the Buyer will receive a return e-mail with the assigned RMA number and the address to which the complained devices should be sent. The Zintronic company declares to reimburse the shipping costs of the package to the Guarantor's service in the amount of PLN 12.99 and cover the costs of return shipping if the Complaint is accepted and the Customer presents proof of purchase of the shipment (receipt, transfer confirmation).
  8. The service request (assigned RMA number) is valid for 7 working days and during this time the shipment must reach the Guarantor, otherwise it will not be collected.
  9. Under the warranty, the Guarantor undertakes to repair the defective equipment, i.e. to:
    • removal of defects caused by reasons inherent in the equipment,
    • replacement of defective equipment with a defect-free one (with identical or better technical parameters) or a refund for the purchased product, if the repair will not be
    possible or if, in the opinion of the Guarantor, the repair will require incurring higher costs than replacing the damaged equipment with a defect-free one.
  10. Defects revealed during the warranty period that prevent the equipment from being used in accordance with the warranty intended, will be removed free of charge in the shortest possible time, not exceeding 14 business days from the moment of delivery of the equipment to the Service. In exceptional cases caused by circumstances beyond the Guarantor's control, the repair period may be extended to 30 business days.
  11. The condition for recognizing a complaint during the warranty period is to deliver the equipment to the service center in a complete state, i.e. in the original protective packaging or in a replacement packaging ensuring safe transport and storage conditions similar to the conditions provided by the factory packaging with full equipment (power supply, cables, antennas, etc.).
  12. It is absolutely necessary to include:
    • original or photocopy of the warranty card (issued by the Guarantor),
    • original or photocopy of the VAT invoice (issued by the Guarantor),
    • original or photocopy of the fiscal receipt (issued by the Guarantor),
    • put the RMA number of the complaint obtained after completing the complaint form on the outside of the package.
  13. The Guarantor reserves the right to withdraw the equipment from the service and return it to the Purchaser at his expense, if the Purchaser has not met the conditions listed in point 11 or the condition of the shipment differs from that described in the attached documents.
  14. All damaged components/parts replaced during the repair become the property of the Service.
  15. In the event of an unjustified complaint, the Service may charge the Buyer with service costs (expert opinion, tests, materials, transport, etc.).
  16. Any changes to the content of the Warranty Card are valid only if they are made by the Service.
  17. Under the guarantee granted, the Guarantor is not responsible for the loss of expected benefits and incurred costs resulting from the use or inability to use the purchased equipment.
  18. The warranty covers only defects inherent in the equipment. The warranty does not cover damage or malfunction of the equipment resulting from:
    • mechanical damage and defects caused by it,
    • damage caused by non-compliance with the general rules of operation
    and maintenance of electronic equipment and all other damage caused by the Buyer's fault or ignorance or the use of non-original consumables,
    • damage caused directly or indirectly by external events such as flood, fire, overvoltage of power or teletechnical lines, impact
    lightning, etc.
    • damage resulting from the impact of external chemical and thermal factors,
    • damage resulting from flooding the equipment with any liquid or its contamination,
    • damage caused by the operation of software such as: computer viruses, tracking programs, dialers, Trojan horses, etc.,
    • the problem of product incompatibility between different brands of equipment.
  19. The warranty does not cover problems with the cooperation of the purchased equipment with devices and third-party software.
  20. The Guarantor is not responsible for data loss and other damages caused by failure of the purchased equipment.
  21. The warranty does not cover consumables and components subject to natural wear and tear during the use of the equipment (accumulators, batteries, fuses, fans, etc.), replaceable data carriers.
  22. The buyer loses the warranty rights in the event of:
    • violation of seals or warranty stickers (by the Guarantor or the Manufacturer), as well as violation or obliteration of stickers containing codes and serial numbers,

    • finding damage resulting from the situations described in point 17,

    • any attempts at repairs and alterations made by unauthorized persons or companies,

    • installing alternative software (firmware),

    • loss of documents confirming the purchase of equipment,

    • expiry of the warranty period

  23. In a situation where the repair qualification is changed in the equipment sent from warranty to paid due to the occurrence of at least one of the cases listed in point 21, the cost of repair depends on the defect. Paid repairs will be performed only after the Guarantor receives the Buyer's acceptance of the repair costs. The Customer is obliged to provide the Guarantor with a notification of acceptance of the repair costs within 7 working days from the date of receipt of the valuation prepared by the Guarantor.
  24. Each time, post-warranty repairs are covered by the Buyer's obligation to pay PLN 50 incl. VAT for the diagnosis and shipping costs in the amount of PLN 15 incl. VAT (when paying by bank transfer) or PLN 20 incl. VAT (when paying on delivery). In the case of a post-warranty repair order, the above-mentioned the costs are included in the remuneration for the performed repair.
  25. The Guarantor does not issue duplicates/copies of issued warranty cards and acceptance documents for service (in the case of personal delivery of the equipment).
  26. The warranty does not exclude, limit or suspend the consumer's rights under the provisions on the warranty for defects in the sold item. In all matters not regulated above, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.