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Video intercoms and property security

Video intercoms are devices that are becoming more and more popular. Thanks to them, you can properly take care of safety, because unauthorized persons are not able to enter the property. What is the characteristic of this modern device and why is it worth choosing?

What is a video intercom and what is its purpose?

The video intercom is a small device that allows not only communication with a person who wants to enter the apartment, but also transmits their image.

The video intercom is a fully innovative device used to control the lock and establish connection with the surroundings of the entrance to the property. Each video intercom consists of at least two units: control and external.

The first one is equipped with a panel showing the user interface. It can display the current image from the camera located in the external module, which is mounted on the outside of the door, at the wicket or the entrance gate to the property. The module is responsible for controlling the entrance lock and the motor that moves the gate. It can connect to the main unit wirelessly or by using a cable.

Video intercoms are devices that can also be retrofitted with an additional external module or another control unit.

Well-equipped video intercoms have additional functions. Among many of them you can mention the possibility of opening the lock with special key rings, personalizing the sound signal and the option of a slide show. High-quality video intercoms by Hikvision and Dahua are a good choice.

What are the types of video intercoms?

Currently, the choice of video intercoms on the market is huge. Particular types differ from each other in terms of communication methods and equipment. Stands out:

  • WiFi video intercoms - which have the possibility of wireless connection via Wi-Fi. With such a device, you can observe the image from the camera and control the lock from the level of the application installed on your smartphone. High-quality models also allow wireless connection with the external panel located at the entrance.
  • IP video intercoms - these are devices that can transmit images over the network. After connecting to such a video intercom using a smartphone, you can observe the image from the camera on the phone screen. Checking the lock and viewing the image from the camera is possible only on the LCD display of the intercom.
  • video intercoms with encryption - these are devices that have a characteristic panel on which a numeric keypad is placed. This encryptor allows you to unlock the lock after entering the code.
  • video intercoms with an application - these are devices that are equipped with a Wi-Fi module. They allow you to control the lock and view the image from the camera in real time using an application installed on your smartphone. .
  • video intercoms with recording - these are devices equipped with a recording function. They are useful when an uninvited guest has tried to enter the property or damaged the fence. The video footage is indisputable evidence during the investigation. The possibility of recording is also useful when an outsider does not find the owner of the property at home, but wants to provide him with important information. .
  • Wired video intercoms - these are devices whose modules are connected with a four- or six-wire cable. The simplest analog set consists of an external cassette that is mounted outside. It is equipped with a loudspeaker and a camera. In turn, the panel with the monitor and the loudspeaker is mounted inside the apartment. This device is extremely immune to interference. 

Video intercom - significant advantages

The video intercom is a reliable equipment that provides access control to a private area. Thanks to it, you can see the surroundings at any time and make voice calls with the person at the entrance. The image recorded by the camera is very sharp and clear.

A significant advantage of these devices is that they are very easy to use and look interesting. Many models are equipped with additional functions, such as automatic image saving after motion detection or playback of a voice message.

Many video intercoms also offer the function of displaying images stored on the memory card and adjusting the sound of the chime.

Buying a video intercom is a very good decision. You can get used to the presence of this device very quickly. It is much more convenient to use than the standard viewfinder. Anyone who decides to buy this device can always feel safe in their home.